Safety & Site Preparation


Thank you for booking your event with Big Air Jumpers where safety is our number one priority!  Big Air Jumpers’ professional staff and drivers work for you.  Our goal is to ensure your event is both safe and fun for you and your guests.  Please review the following checklist for valuable information.

What happens three days prior to your event: If you are paying by credit card, your credit card will be charged three days prior to your event.

What to do before we arrive:

Please make sure that there is adequate clearance to bring the equipment in.

Please bring to our attention narrow gates, narrow doorways, large or overhanging trees.

Please let us know if there are steps or hills to climb to get to the setup area. 

If you have already booked your event please call and notify us of any obstacle(s).

Pick a location free from overhead electrical power or telephone lines.

Location should be free from trees that could damage or stain the inflatable. 

Setup area must have a 5-foot clearance around and above the inflatable perimeter.

Ensure there are no underground irrigation pipes or other utilities that the property owner has installed. If you are unsure please contact all local utility companies by calling and have all underground utility lines, cables, and wires, properly marked so accidental contact does not occur. The following site may help - Remember our stakes are 18 – 24 inches long. 

We do not assume responsibility for punctured sprinkler lines.

Sprinklers must be turned off at least 8 hours before the equipment is set up.

Make sure that there is sufficient electricity within 100’ of where you would like us to setup the inflatable.

The surface we place equipment on must be free of animal waste, debris, and rocks.

Do we need to provide a tarp for setup?  Are you aware of any hazards that could rip, rupture or scrape against the vinyl?

Silly String must not be used on or near Big Air Jumpers inflatables.

Additional cost for Silly String cleanup will be charged.

Is the site prone to strong or gusty winds? Unit must be shut down if winds exceed 15 miles per hour.

Cancelation Policy:

Orders UNDER $1,500.00:

You may cancel at any time, up to THREE days prior to your event with no financial obligation or cancelation fee.  However, if you choose to cancel less than three days prior to your event, we will retain a $25.00 processing fee or 10% of the order total, whichever is greater. If you wait to cancel with your driver at delivery, there is a $25.00 trip fee in addition to the cancellation fee.

Orders OVER $1,500.00:

Due to the amount of pre-planning that goes into larger volume events, you may cancel at any time, up to TWO WEEKS prior to your event with no financial obligation or cancelation fee.  (A deposit of 20% will be due at this time.) However, if you choose to cancel less than two weeks prior to your event, we will retain a 10% cancelation fee. If you wait to cancel with your driver at delivery, there is a $50.00 trip fee in addition to the cancellation fee.

Weather Cancelation Policy (All orders):

You may cancel your rental on the day of your event due to legitimately bad weather, not the promise of bad weather later in the day.  Please make this decision on the day of the event since the weather in Colorado is unpredictable.  Past experience has shown that customers who cancel due to weather before the day of the event call back to re-book the event when they discover the weather is much nicer than the weatherman predicted.  Weather cancelations must be called in by 9 a.m. (or prior to your driverís arrival, whichever is earlier) the same day of the rental.  If your event starts prior to 8:30 a.m. you MUST leave a message on our office voicemail the morning of to cancel AND call the emergency number provided on our outgoing message.  All weather cancelations related to legitimately bad weather (made by 9 a.m. or prior to your driverís arrival time whichever is earlier) receive a 100% refund.  Weather cancelations due to a promise of bad weather later in the day will be assessed the appropriate cancelation fees as discussed above. However, if you cancel when our driver arrives to setup the equipment, a $50.00 trip fee, plus the appropriate cancelation fee will be assessed for a service call to your location and late cancelation.  


ROAR (Responsible Operators of Amusement Rentals) Certified:

ROAR members adhere to self-imposed, generally accepted amusement rental industry standards of safety, as well as State imposed regulations, to ensure the highest level of guest safety. ROAR members have developed a culture of safety in their operations through professional safety guidelines and training of operators to assist all amusement rental industry operators.

"ROAR will help guide the industry, including owners, operators, and manufacturers, toward a "culture of safety" and increased self-regulation."

ROAR has developed an amusement employee-training program in an effort to standardize operations and ensure the highest levels of safety for the general public. Additionally, ROAR recommends an independent third-party to audit its members and oversee strict compliance to its rules.

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